Dirt Bike Rental Agreement

A reservation is required to give us enough time to carry out a full security check on all rental machines. We usually need a 24-hour notification for all rents. -You must be at least 21 years old and have a valid driver`s license to rent with a valid credit card. Children can be hired from a parent or legal guardian. We have bike sizes for the whole family! Risk-taking: I understand and accept that renting this bike and participating in a bicycle exposes me to many dangers that can lead to an unavoidable risk of death, aggression (including, but not limited to serious spinal or head injuries) and loss or deterioration of property. I also understand that I/my child is physically fit to participate in cycling and I confirm that I/my child does not have any significant health problems that prevent me from cycling. I/my child has no medical conditions and have not been diagnosed with a condition that prevents me from cycling. Despite the risks and confessions mentioned above, I take care of the risk of injury or loss of life for my child and the loss or deterioration of property resulting from the rental of this bike and participation in the production of bicycles. I understand the risk associated with the use of this bike rental equipment and I take full responsibility for any damage or injury that may result. (e) unless, due to the owner`s fault, all fines, penalties, traffic and/or parking violations, court fees, towing and other costs related to the vehicle assessed against the owner or vehicle during the duration of the rental; I agree with the following rental conditions: All machines are subject to a full security check and the damage is recorded before the rent expires. If the machines return with damage, the customer is responsible for the cost of all repairs. Normal wear excluded.

The customer agrees to make the bike in a clean, undamaged condition to avoid additional costs for repair, maintenance or replacement. The customer accepts the use of the equipment, AS IS, in good condition and assumes full responsibility for the maintenance of the equipment while being under his property. Damaged parts or components are repaired/replaced at the discretion of the store and the customer agrees to regularly pay the purchase and sale prices of the replaced components. Clean condition means that normal wear is accepted, but does not contain broken spokes, rims, rims, damaged frames, handlebars, seats or other parts of abuse and/or falls. Note: All bikes must be returned cleanly through mud and debris. Each bike that is not returned cleanly is charged with an extra 1 hour. Hourly and daily rents are 15 minutes before closing. Late returns pay off. I have no known medical conditions that could affect my riding/machine rental skills. Please list any allergies, medications and illnesses that may affect your participation/rental. You are required to notify the authorities of any changes to your illness before the start of the trip.

A waiver of liability and a lease must be signed by anyone who drives one of our machines, regardless of age, who pays or how long you drive. Below are copies of our waiver and agreement. We recommend that you read the agreements to ensure that you fully understand your responsibility in renting one of our machines. We do not accept pre-completed and signed waiver declarations. All waivers and leases must be signed on our website, unless otherwise arranged by Grand Valley Adventure Tours and Rentals staff.

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