Bpay Biller Agreement

After a customer has made a payment by BPAY, the financial institution from which the payment was made transfers the payment data electronically to the bank of the billing body (otherwise) and the bank of the billing body would credit the amount of the payment to the bank account designated by the accountant, and the customer is informed of the customer`s reference number and the amount of the payment. , for automatic or manual entry into the accounting system. Transactions concluded before a reference period set by the financial institution are usually processed and paid on the same day, otherwise they are processed the next business day. The payment bank may charge an interbank commission to the accountant`s bank. To make a payment, a customer would visit the online, mobile or telephone bank of their Australian financial institution, where they will enter the billing code, reference number and payment amount, as well as an indication of the account to be debited, which can also be a credit card. Some debtors do not accept credit cards (or accept payments from a shortlist of credit cards) as payment via BPAY. The financial institution can limit the accounts that can be used for BPAY payments and store to the recipients of the invoices the information used by the debtor for future payments. Australian companies or other organizations that decide to participate in the BPAY system would register through their bank as invoices with the operating company BPAY. An invoice must have an ACN or ABN and a banking relationship with an Australian financial institution. The operating company BPAY would assign the company an invoice number that would be printed on its invoices with the BPAY logo, as well as an indication of the reference number that a customer should use for payment. f.

You compensate SERVICE ONE for any loss or damage that SERVICE ONE may suffer as a result of claims, claims or any action of any kind, directly or indirectly against SERVICE ONE, because you have not complied with any of your obligations under the BPAY terms, or because you acted negligently or fraudulently under this Agreement. The customer does not need to sign up for the service. The customer would generally not be required to pay a fee for the service, but the buyer would generally pay a fee to his bank and credit card company if a card was used in the payment. BPAY is an electronic invoice payment system in Australia that allows payments via an online, mobile or telephone bank of a financial institution to organizations registered as recipients of BPAY invoices. As a security measure, when paying BPAY to a new invoice eater, the financial institution usually sends a text message with a validation code to the customer`s mobile phone. The debtor must enter the validation code before processing the transaction. This can create difficulties when the customer makes the payment abroad. H.

You recognize that third-party organizations (such as Billers or other financial institutions) may impose additional restrictions on your access and use of BPAY.

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