Sample Parole Agreement

5. He executes the instructions of his probation officer and, in general, surrenders himself, as this official decides. In most states, victims of the inmate`s crimes or members of the victim`s family may appear at the suspended inmate`s hearing to give their opinion on whether he should be released on parole. The inmate can testify himself, because much of the parole board`s decision depends on whether or not the inmate feels remorse for the crimes he has committed. If an inmate is denied parole, he or she will have to wait a year or two, as required by national law, to re-apply for parole. In some states, such as California, many inmates are automatically released on parole after serving the necessary time behind bars until they have had difficulties and cooperated while in custody. However, in most states, parole is not automatic and any prisoner who wishes to be released prematurely must go to the parole board and present his case. The Parole Board then considers the nature of the inmate`s crime, criminal record and conduct during detention, as well as legal probation guidelines before a decision is made. (a) the Board of Pardons and Paroles sets in writing the conditions of his parole in the event of parole and a copy of these conditions is forwarded to the probation officer.

A violation of these conditions may lead to arrest and re-arrest. Under the probation system, an inmate can be released before the sentence is fully served. However, the inmate will not be released on parole until he or she agrees to meet the probation conditions set by the Paroling Authority. Probation conditions are certain rules that must be followed by an individual in the event of parole. Once an inmate is on parole, he or she must meet with an assigned probation officer and follow instructions. The probation officer`s job is to help the newly released offender adapt to society and protect society by ensuring that the probation officer complies with the law. This includes helping the probation officer find housing and employment and monitoring his or her involvement in substance abuse or other programs if necessary. To become a probation officer, a person must obtain at least a bachelor`s degree in criminal justice, correction, psychology, social work or any other related field.

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