Private Property Rental Agreement South Africa

Can someone help you? My son and his fiancée have been renting a property without a geyser for 22 months. They were never told that the geyser was not connected until they told the owner that hot water was a problem. As we live next door and rent from the same owner, they use our geyser and our electricity is timidly high. She raised her rent and always o geyser. Is there anyone I can contact to visit the property and give me an estimate of what you are paying for a property without a geyser? You pay R2700 for a place with 2 bedrooms. Thank you Sue The tenant is responsible for making full payments and in time to the owner in order to guarantee and build a positive credit profile. This will help him when it is time to move rental properties or open new credit accounts. Hello, I need advice, I rented a townhouse for 6 months and I will move this month. Today I received an invoice from my landlord for taxes for the last 2 months. They have never been a conversation and it is not written in my contract that I am responsible for taxes. I put this under his attention and he says that because I paid my rent a few times late, his reason for counting for me is taxes. Please inform, because my rent is currently paid until today and I fear he will keep some of my deposit to settle that.

I currently live in an apartment where the landlords made me sign a lease until the end of the year (December 2013), knowing full well that I would extend the lease until the new year (they said they had to make new leases for all tenants in January). The apartment was sold a month after arrival and brokers for the new tenant make me ask again to rent the apartment and ask for new contract fees, deposit, etc. Do I have to pay the new fees? My parents omitted their house, the occupants left the garden shed without them knowing… Now I had to move into the property, but was left with this woman in the cabin… she said she wanted to move out at the end of the month, she never paid at the end of last month, which I had or I can do because she uses my electricity and water and even leaves her brother there when he was rented as an individual. Not from my parents. The person who rented from them… We have nothing to do with this person who rents our property Regular Leases (234.7 KB PDF) have no date for the lease to expire. They will continue until the tenant or landlord announces in writing the termination of the lease. A person who rents property to a landlord, and is also designated as a tenant. There are dozens of obvious and practical reasons why many individuals, families as well as businesses, rent real estate.

First of all, the rental offers the tenant the advantages of a fairly quick availability and choice. While some may argue otherwise, the flexibility enjoyed by rent tenants should be appreciated in the same way as the relative freedom of unexpected or hidden costs and sudden market collapses. Tenants and landlords should enter into agreements with the intention of obtaining reasonable value.

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