Certification Of Agreement Uscis

Each couple must file a photocopy of their marriage certificate with the family sponsorship form (Form I-130, or “Petition for Alien Relative,” as it is officially known). You must also bring the original copy or official replacement of your green card interview. Due to the aging of the microfilm, the quality of each document varies. However, our specialists will do their best to provide you with the best possible copy of each document. The quality of documents may also be compromised when records are required to process the Freedom of Information Act. If you can`t find your marriage certificate, don`t panic! In this manual, we show you how to find it from an official source and what you can submit as an alternative if you can`t get a copy. A genealogy program registration request is a request for USCIS to retrieve a specific data set or file that relates to a given person. The caller identifies the file by number, and the genealogist program USCIS searches, calls a copy of that record, calls it, checks it, duplicates it and returns it to the caller. The advertiser may have obtained the USCIS file number via a previous genealogy index search or from another source. The record request fee for a microfilmed or printed file is $65.00, respectively. If the immigrant was born less than 100 years ago, you must also provide proof of death. Acceptable forms of proof of death include: No – The genealogy program cannot provide certified copies. A registration application can only provide a photocopy of a naturalization record.

The content of the file varies depending on the record series and the immigrants. Learn more about our historical archives. This is a common situation for many couples. For a detailed explanation, see “Religious and Traditional Weddings” below. If your name has changed as a result of your last marriage, your marriage certificate should be all you need to prove that name change. You will need an official copy of your marriage certificate from a government agency if you do not have the original or if the original does not contain the necessary information. If it is common in your culture or religion to have a wedding ceremony but not to report the event to a government agency, chances are you do not have an official marriage certificate. In this case, you must first consult the specific instructions of the country where your marriage took place (see above).

At the beginning of the marriage-based green card process, each couple must prove a valid marriage with the United States.

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