Aeu Agreement 2017

Work Dimensions – Educational Support Class Parties recognize the essential and quality work done by education promotion staff in Victorian government schools. The dimensions of the work, which outline the roles and responsibilities of the staff of the education aid class, are reviewed in consultation with the union to include the changes agreed in a subsequent agreement, including the work currently being done by the department with regard to the training and development of business leaders. Main Support A working group will be set up until the fourth half of 2017 to determine the assistance available to the contracting entities and how this assistance can be effectively communicated and made available to the contracting entities. In addition, the Working Group will identify all areas where assistance is not being provided effectively and make recommendations for reviewing these areas, including identifying potential budgetary impacts that should be considered in the Division`s budgetary procedures. The parties agree to complete their work within 12 months of their creation. The parties acknowledge that, at sunset of Article 22 (12) VGSA 2017, the provision of professional practice days will be the subject of active negotiations on the next agreement. Notwithstanding the sunset under Article 22, paragraph 12, the service undertakes to authorize a day of professional practice during the second half of the 2021 school year under the conditions set out in Article 22, paragraph 12, of the VGSA 2017. Casual Relief Teachers The casual offloading teacher`s salary is directed towards Class 1 Division 5 of the Class Teacher Classification, with salary increases for teachers planned in the 2017 VGSA. The Department will review the current policy on casual attendance for teachers (and, if necessary, amend the corresponding departmental regulations) to address the date and duration of the lunch break, the planned duties of a casual teacher who has been working continuously for more than a week, career development, access to the staff assistance program, and the provision of appropriate equipment and resources for temporary teachers to perform their duties.

The agreement was adopted with 87.5% yes in the choice of workers. Wage increase The department is committed to the first pay increase to be paid under the 2017 Victorian Government Schools Agreement on the day and from the first pay period on Saturday, April 1, 2017. For the first time in a generation, we have a proposal for an agreement that puts in place important measures for workload and contracts. School Consultation For the purposes of paragraph 12, paragraph 4, point b), the parties establish a mechanism to ensure that the school subsector, if any, has approved the school consultation agreements (according to the document used for the agreement in the school vote). Negotiations on the next agreement It is agreed that negotiations on the next agreement will begin no later than six months before the expiry of the Agreement on Victorian government education in 2017.

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