How To Accept The Terms Of Service And User Agreement On Ps4

@KingPen17 I have the same problem!! There is no button/tab for me to accept even one of the new things. We`ve been fighting with this for two days! My games are a little bonkers. There are two types of Sony online service accounts: master accounts and sub-accounts. You will find more information about this in our terms of use and in the user agreement. When we use the term “you” in this privacy policy, we refer to the Sony Online Services user. SCEA can also offer a free trial period with a few subscriptions. If you do not cancel your subscription before the end of a trial period, the cost of the subscription will automatically be charged to your wallet at the beginning of each subscription period without notice. To avoid imputation, you must cancel your subscription before the expiry. Please read all the terms and conditions carefully before accepting an offer or promotion. Sony has updated the firmware from PlayStation 4 to version 5.0, and many people are struggling to connect to PlayStation Network.

However, this is probably not due to server problems, and you may be able to fix it by taking a few simple steps to accept the new NSP conditions, unless you come across the “E-801809A8” error. 2.1. PSN services include PlayStation Network, PlayStation Store, PlayStation Plus, PlayStation Music, PlayStation Video, PlayStation Now, PlayStation Direct and websites, products and services that YOU and its related companies offer above or in connection with PSN or your account. Here`s what you need to do: Just click on your friends list or profile, and you should get a short loading screen. Once this is complete, the “Conditions” screen should be displayed. Click “Accept” and you should be back online. It`s easy. SCEA can offer you the ability to purchase a wide range of content, including game-specific items, video content, comics and games and subscriptions. All content is provided by SCEA, including content created or published by third parties. Third parties can manage access to certain content, including delivery, gameplay or customer service. In order for third parties to grant you such access, SCEA must provide you with your personal data. If you do not accept that we may share your personal data with third parties to give you access to the content of Sony`s online services, you cannot participate in Sony Online Services.

To access certain content, you may need to accept additional terms of use specific to the content of SCEA or a third-party company (“Terms of Use”). Despite another agreement, in the event of a conflict between this Contract and the Terms of Use or other Terms related to Sony Online Services or a disc-based product used with PSN, this agreement is under control. Unless stated in this Agreement, all content and software provided by Sony Online Services will not be granted exclusively and revoked. Your children and children, for whom you are a legal (together for the purposes of this section, “you” or “your”), only for your personal, private, non-transferable, non-commercial use, limited to a limited number of activated PlayStation 3 computer entertainment systems, PSP (PlayStationPortable), VOD and other hardware, including devices sold or licensed by a Sony company licensed by your country.

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